On the vast majority of sites this page is the home to the ‘What’ or ‘How’ we do things as a business. It is very seldom that this page explains the ‘Why’.  But the ‘Why’ is so much more important.

From a very young age all I wanted to do was draw, I carried around with me a thick pad of paper and a couple of favourite pencils and would sit and draw whatever I took a fancy to. That raw pleasure that you get from that very simple creative process has never left me.  The one thing that has changed is the tools that I use to nourish it.

Now this manifests itself as that very specific feeling that I get each time I see a rendering appear on the screen. That moment when for the first time, what has only ever existed in 2 dimensions suddenly appears in 3. I am not sure how many thousands of renderings that I have done but each new one still holds that same level of excitement as the first. It is that moment that the skill of the 3d artist, the power of the software and the talent of the designer combine to give us a glimpse into the future. It is the results of that very combination of talents that still keeps me excited about what I do.

It is no different with my design work. Again the reason why I do it is for that moment when a client’s brief starts to evolve into a piece of design. That moment when you know you are onto something, when the design that is appearing in front of you has a structure and a harmony that you instinctively know fits the brief.

The ‘What’ and the ‘How’ are very necessary parts of the business, but it is the ‘Why’ that keeps me doing what I do.

Andy Bull has over 25 years in the communications industry. Andy brings together his creative talent, a graphic design graduate of Ravensbourne, with a passion for the technical. This combination has enabled him to deliver solutions ranging from broadcast commercials through large web builds to 3d architectural visualisation.

Andy founded Three Blind Mice in 1993 and Jelly in 2008. Both have become two of Europe’s foremost creative and production houses partnering some of the largest advertising agencies and global brands.

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