Who we are

At The Bull Agency we take a peek into the future and bring you along for the ride. Allowing designers and architects to be able to see what currently does not exist gives control and certainty. It enables experimentation, testing and validation. It leaves chance behind and gives the viewer a glimpse of what is to come. Using a combination of technology and artistry we deliver your creations both as still images and as visual journeys. These can be traditionally animated or from within a virtual world.

What we do

With over 20 years’ experience in Architectural Visualisation, The Bull Agency understands just how important it is to take a disparate set of elements and combine them together into a finished photo-realistic image. There is still that excitement to take a glimpse into the future every time a render appears on the screen for the very first time. Before that moment, it exists purely as an idea in the mind of the designer, after that moment it becomes a reality.


Architectural Visualization

The key advantage of using this technology is to enable the development to be marketed before the project has been completed. Alongside this is the ability for the design to be validated and approved by all stakeholders before construction begins. Our artists are all from architectural and design backgrounds and so understand the need for precision and accuracy. Because of the size of our team we are able to undertake very large commissions, all directed by our experienced project managers.


What we deliver

The deliverables can range from Hi Resolution Photo Realistic still images to Full HD rendered animations. If you want to harness the power of Virtual Reality then we can place you within an completely immersive environment where you are experiencing your project from within. Here we can deliver 360 VR CGI animations viewable via a headset or desktop, 360 CGI stills or fully interactive environments using cutting edge gaming technology.


Why we do what we do

Most sites have the ‘What’ or ‘How’ pages, this being no exception. It is very seldom that you get an explanation of the ‘Why’.  But the ‘Why’ is at the very heart of what drives us to produce better work.


From a very young age we all want to create, that raw pleasure that you get from that very simple creative process never leaves us.  The one thing that has changed is the tools that we use to nourish it.


For the team at The Bull Agency this manifests itself as that very specific feeling that we get each time we see a rendering appear on the screen. That moment when for the first time, what has only ever existed in 2 dimensions suddenly appears in 3. I am not sure how many thousands of renderings that we have done over the years but each new one still holds that same level of excitement as the first. It is that moment that the skill of the 3d artist, the power of the software and the talent of the designer combine to give us a glimpse into the future. It is the results of that very combination of talents that still keeps us excited about what we do.


The ‘What’ and the ‘How’ are very necessary parts of the business, but it is the ‘Why’ that keeps us doing what we do.

Our Clients

We pride ourselves for being recognized as a trustworthy partner by some of the most renowned global brands. A selection of some of these partners include:

Norwegian Cruise Line
P&O Cruises
SMC Design
Rottet Studio Architecture and Design
Cartoon Network
City of Las Vegas
VHU Bratislava
Nickelodeon Logo
Dream Cruises
Star Cruises The Leading Cruise Line in Asia Pacific
Seabourn logo
Saga logo
Richmond International Logo
Princess Cruises Logo
Peral Seas Cruises
NYK Line Logo
MSC Cruises Logo
Red Funnel Logo
DFDS Seawyas Logo
Crystal Cruises Logo
Carnival Logo
Aspire Logo
American Cruise Lines Logo


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